Operation Commitee

  • CDN: Responsible for overall project operations, translation, and financial management.
  • Poisonerver: Responsible for the operation of the Chinese mirror site of Starset Society.
  • TheExile雷顿: Responsible for video creation and post-production.

STARSET Wiki Editorial Board

Please refer to STARSET Wiki for a list of language editorial board members.

The Prox Transmissions Translation Team

  • Azk
  • CDN
  • 煤油关西
  • Startentor
  • Telepathic
  • Will
  • The NEW West
  • FauLTLiNe
  • Since

Project Members of STARSET Mirror

  • 久岛鸽子
  • 墨淞凌
  • Bearlerの熊乐
  • Starship0912
  • 六个核桃
  • st
  • 星蝶
  • centripetal
  • Since


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